Security During These Uncertain Financial Times

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In the face of financial insecurity in the market place, workers and retirees need to have assurances that their money is safe, sound, secure.  We would like to help.  One of the issues facing workers today is the management of their 401K retirement accounts upon separation from service with an employer.  In todays uncertain economic times safety and security seem to be un-attainable.

We suggest these folks consider insurance annuities.  Annuities are safe, secure and can be used in individual IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401K retirement roll overs, or as a replacement for traditional bank CD’s.  Annuities generally pay a higher interest rate than the bank CD’s and are guaranteed contracts.  This means that the investor will be guaranteed a positive investment result.  We only recommend annuities from the highest rated companies who practice the best, most conservative, financial management and have a history of solid financial ratings.

Contact Brian Lampton today and ask how an annuity could provide peace of mind, and an excellent addition to any one’s retirement portfolio.

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