Beavercreek Auto Insurance

What are the factors that can affect the costs of my car insurance?

  • Gender, age and even marital status.
  • Driving history. The “cleaner” driving record you have, the lower your insurance costs will be.
  • The area of driving. The insurance company will quote a higher rate in a big city.
  • The condition of your car.
  • The amount of insurance.
  • Credit history will also influence the amount of your premium.

How can I my auto insurance rates be lowered?

  • Drive legally in order to maintain a good driving record.
  • Comparison shop for insurance.
  • Obtain higher insurance deductibles.
  • Get discounts whenever they apply to you.
  • Protect your credit rating.

Every Insurance company uses their own rates and they are based on their own experience.  A major factor in auto rates in recent years is a persons credit history.  Insurance companies will rate based on a number of factors relating to that persons credit history, such as the number of loans they have , the number of credit cards they have, and what the credit limits are, their pay history and other factors are used.

The best thing to do is develop a good working relationship with your agent so you can have conversations about these things in order to maximize your coverages and minimize your premiums.  Our agency prides itself on people who genuinely care about our clients and strive to do our best to return calls, provide value and most of all deal honestly with our customers.

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