Water Back-Up

There are three kinds of water when it comes to home owner insurance. The first kind
is called flood. There is a specific definition of flood, simply put, it is the water that
comes “ in and down” (in the house) from normally dry land. The second kind of water
is water back-up or sewer drain back-up. This is water and or sewage that comes back
up from drains in the house. The third type of water would be all other water damage,
weather it is from a leaky roof, or a busted water heater, or pressure hose from your
washing machine, for example.

All home policies exclude any damage caused by flood. The only way to cover flood is
to purchase a flood policy from the National Flood Insurance Program. All home owner
insurance policies also exclude the second type of water, or water back-up. Coverage for
this type of water damage can be purchased and added back on to your home policy as an
option for extra premium. This optional coverage is usually limited to $5,000 or $10,000
depending on the insurance company. The third type of water damage is typically
covered on most regular home owner policies.

Let’ s emphasize the importance of the water back-up or sewer & drain back up damage
coverage. We feel this coverage should be considered with every home policy. Even
if you’ re on a slab, up on a hill, it doesn’ t mean you’ re not susceptible to water back-up
loss. The drains in your home can become clogged from regular use, or tree roots getting
in the drain lines. Many folks have plumbing services come out once a year to “ snake
out” or clean out their drains. Most water back up losses involves damaged carpet and
flooring which usually results in larger losses.

There is a reason insurance carriers charge extra and limit coverage for water back-up.
These types of losses occur very frequently, and are usually over $1,000.

Please don’ t short change yourself, review your home policy, and make sure it has water
back-up or sewer and drain back up coverage.

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