Homeowner Insurance Beavercreek Special Limits

Check your homeowner insurance policy for a section often called “Special Limits”  These are coverage limitations for certain groups of personal property.  All home owner policies have limits and every company is different with what items they limit, and the actual dollar amount for each group.  A couple of the items listed are actually extra coverages provided such as watercraft and trailers.  Other items are limited such as money, jewelry, silverware and others.

Our agency wants you to be aware of these limits so if there is a concern we can make the necessary changes to your insurance program to cover the items prior to a claim.  I don’t know why these limits are in the policies, and I don’t like that they are “hidden” in the policy, and not printed on the front coverage page.  Please take a few moments to review your own limits and call your agent if any of them could be a problem.

Our two main insurance carriers Erie Insurance and Auto-Owners Insurance for homeowner policies have these sort of limits (just like the rest) and we have pulled them out of the policy and put them in summary form so they are easy to read and understand.  Please contact us if anything on the list could be an insurance problem for you and your family.

Homeowner Limits -pdf

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