Announcement: Rates here are among the lowest

“Rates here are among the lowest”

“The average Ohio homeowner insurance premium is projected to rise by 3.4 percent to $834 on average, more than $300 less than the national average and the ninth lowest in the U.S.  When it comes to our vehicles Ohio’s premiums are expected to increase 3.3% to $715 about $200 less than the national average – the 12th lowest in the country.  Despite rate hikes Ohioans still pay some of the lowest insurance rates in the nation.”


Source:  Dayton Daily News Sunday October 30, 2016 written by Rich Gillette

Announcement: Distracted Drivers: You Did WHAT Behind the Wheel?

People Admit to Odd Behavior in New Distracted Driving Survey

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“A distraction is anything that causes a driver to take their eyes off the road, their hands off the wheel, or their mind off their primary task of driving safely,” said Doug Smith, senior vice president, Personal Lines, at Erie Insurance. “Our survey found drivers unfortunately are engaging in a wide range of distracting and potentially dangerous behaviors.”

ERIE's distracted driving survey revealed some pretty interesting things.

Announcement: Ohio’s premiums among lowest in country

Insurance Department Announces Auto and Homeowners Insurance Rates
??Ohio’s premiums among lowest in country

COLUMBUS — Lieutenant Governor and Department of Insurance Director Mary Taylor announced Ohio’s 2012 auto and homeowners insurance average rates, information that is annually compiled by the Department.
“Ohio’s historically competitive insurance marketplace continues to provide consumers with choice and affordable options for auto and homeowners insurance,” Taylor said. “Our strong, but fair regulatory standards and emphasis on reducing regulatory red-tape for insurers are benefiting consumers.”
Ohio has the 6th lowest homeowners ($624; national average $906) and 9th lowest auto insurance ($619; national average $791) average premiums in the county, according to 2010 data, the most recent figures available from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).
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Announcement: Report: Ohio Auto Insurance Prices Continued Rise in 2012

Ohio officials are taking notice of a trend for the state’s motorists: the average driver is paying more each year for auto insurance than the year before it.

Figures released this week from the Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI) shows that the average rate among the state’s top 10 car insurers—which together account for 74 percent of the market—jumped 4.1 percent between 2011 and 2012.

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Auto Insurance Rate LOCK from Erie Insurance

Erie Insurance has recently announced their new Rate Lock or Rate Protection Endorsement. 


This endorsement allows auto insurance policyholders to “lock in” their auto insurance premiums for longer than 12 months.  The locked in rate remains in effect year after year until the policyholder does one of the following:


*Adds or removes a vehicle from their policy

*Adds or removes a driver from their policy

*Changes their primary residence


That’s right; speeding tickets, fender benders, accidents, not even company rate changes will change the policy premiums for that policyholder unless they make one of those three changes listed above.  This gives policyholders control over their auto rates by extending Erie’s already 12 month rate.  This new endorsement can be added when one of those three changes occurs or on the policy anniversary (renewal) date.  Other discounts, such as home/car, can be added and take effect immediately as always.  Studies show that about 50% of Erie’s auto policyholders would lock in their rates for at least three years!


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Car Insurance From Lampton/Engle Agency Beavercreek Ohio

Car Insurance From Lampton/Engle Agency Beavercreek Ohio

6 Tips To Cut Costs On Your Car Insurance

Please go to our Agency Newsletter and read about the 6 tips to cut costs on auto insurance.  Click on the Winter 2008 and scroll down for the article.

Remember to contact Brian, Debi, or Barb about your home or auto insurance, we will call you back!

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Beavercreek Auto Insurance

What are the factors that can affect the costs of my car insurance?

  • Gender, age and even marital status.
  • Driving history. The “cleaner” driving record you have, the lower your insurance costs will be.
  • The area of driving. The insurance company will quote a higher rate in a big city.
  • The condition of your car.
  • The amount of insurance.
  • Credit history will also influence the amount of your premium.

How can I my auto insurance rates be lowered?

  • Drive legally in order to maintain a good driving record.
  • Comparison shop for insurance.
  • Obtain higher insurance deductibles.
  • Get discounts whenever they apply to you.
  • Protect your credit rating.

Every Insurance company uses their own rates and they are based on their own experience.  A major factor in auto rates in recent years is a persons credit history.  Insurance companies will rate based on a number of factors relating to that persons credit history, such as the number of loans they have , the number of credit cards they have, and what the credit limits are, their pay history and other factors are used.

The best thing to do is develop a good working relationship with your agent so you can have conversations about these things in order to maximize your coverages and minimize your premiums.  Our agency prides itself on people who genuinely care about our clients and strive to do our best to return calls, provide value and most of all deal honestly with our customers.